Upcoming Action & Updates about the Development of the Former Baptist Seminary Property

North Coast Land Holdings is seeking County approval to develop the former Baptist Seminary on a scale of great concern to neighbors.


Maximum Density Proposal

North Coast asked the County to evaluate a range of housing, graduate school and senior living uses, shown below:

In addition to housing, North Coast asked the County to evaluate the Seminary site for these uses:

  • Graduate School (300+ students)

  • Art Museum

  • Fitness Center

  • Restaurant (for the school and community)

  • Childcare

Lesser Density Alternatives

Along with the maximum density alternative, North Coast asked the County to evaluate the following two lesser density alternatives:

Almost two years ago, North Coast Land Holdings broke off negotiations with community representatives including Seminary Neighborhood Association.

North Coast applied to the County for various approvals and plan changes!

Then What Happened?

Heres a link to SNA’s submission of comments about what should be thoroughly addressed by the EIR.

Now What? Time for Action!

The “draft” of the completed Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be shared for public comment by December.

We will only have 60 days to provide comments on the adequacy of the EIR.

As soon as the draft EIR is available, we will need to mobilize experts and neighbors to examine and comment on the EIR. We will organize meetings to educate ourselves and affected neighbors.

You Can Help (and it’s really easy!)

Please give us some basic contact information so we can keep in touch.

We need your name, street address, cell phone number and email.

Want to get more involved? You can volunteer via the questionnaire, too!

Quick Survey

For more information about our efforts, visit Seminary Neighborhood Association or email our president, Michael Gallagher: [email protected].


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