Strawberry Community Vision

Strawberry Community Vision Reaffirms Neighborhood’s Overwhelming Opposition to Intense Seminary Campus Development

In a recent Strawberry Community Visioning process that Supervisor Kate Sears convened, Strawberry residents cited increased traffic, school overcrowding, and loss of neighborhood character as their primary concerns. All of these issues are directly related to the potential use changes at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Through the Strawberry Community Vision, local residents have spoken in a firm and unified voice: any intense development proposal for the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary will be strongly opposed. The Vision document also highlights a widespread resistance to increased density due to the neighborhood’s existing ratio of multi-family rentals vs. single family homes, which is already out of balance when compared to the rest of Marin. You can view the entire report here.

While change is inevitable, the Fasken family's purchase of the campus comes with no development entitlement other than for a Seminary. In fact, the results from the Strawberry Community Vision support many of the existing guidelines of the Seminary’s campus master plan and the Strawberry Community Plan. For that reason, the recent visioning process should put the developer and other parties, such as The Branson School, on notice that any proposal that alters Strawberry’s character is not acceptable to the people who call this neighborhood their home.

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