Traffic Impacts

An independent traffic study* was completed to determine the impact of the developer's current proposal, which includes hundreds of housing units and The Branson School, or any other large high school. Here's what it found:

  • 4,300 new cars every weekdayphoto_1_-_NB.jpg
  • Morning traffic on Seminary Drive will increase 1,000%
  • Major Strawberry intersections will be at standstills during morning and afternoon commutes
  • During these peak times, cars could back up all the way to Hwy 101

Any development proposal that comes anywhere close to these figures is simply too intense. Thousands of cars coming and going, while neighborhood kids are biking and walking to school, is a real safety threat to our community.

The traffic study should serve as a wake-up call to the developer that this project will have unacceptable, negative impacts on surrounding neighborhoods and families, and that a far less intensive proposal is needed.

Click here for a closer look at these traffic impacts.


* Traffic study figures based on numerous presentations by the developer and an informational request to the County for a 1,000-student high school and 300 market rate housing units.

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