IJ Letter to the Editor - Strawberry plan sign of ‘rapid growth’ in Marin

Strawberry plan sign of ‘rapid growth’ in Marin

The proposed plan for the former seminary in Strawberry is not a “Strawberry-only issue.” This is a plan that will impact the lives of all citizens of Marin.

For every person who drives past Seminary Drive on their way to and from work, your commute will be affected by the increased traffic that 1,000 students, 200 or more teachers and staff and the 400-plus new residents of this site will bring.

To the parents in West Marin who drive your children to Strawberry Point School, imagine your mornings with all of this additional traffic.

To our neighbors in Tiburon and Belvedere, imagine your drive home resembling the slog that is a weekend excursion to Stinson Beach.

In addition to the Seminary site there are proposed medical offices for Strawberry that would also add an additional 1,200 vehicles each day to this area.

If this is left to the residents of unincorporated Strawberry to fight, I fear we will all lose. Every resident of Marin concerned about traffic congestion should lobby their supervisor to slow down this “progress” and evaluate all of the costs of this congestion — quality of life, pollution, water usage and environmental impacts to name only a few.

Only together can we stop the rapid over-development of Southern Marin.

— Tom Yurch, Strawberry


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