IJ Letter to the Editor - Seminary site can’t handle the additional traffic

Seminary site can’t handle the additional traffic

Change is coming to the Golden Gate Theological Baptist Seminary site. Most of us who live in Strawberry understand that reality.

But, the present master plan does not allow for a massive new development of 300 houses, 1,000 high school day students, teachers, employees, visiting athletic teams, nighttime events, parking on residential streets, waiting at impassable intersections, driving buses on a narrow cliff-side entrance road, etc.

And the traffic congestion at the Highway 101 and Tiburon Boulevard interchange will virtually implode.

Residents of Mill Valley and the Tiburon Peninsula are already fighting this traffic. In some cases it can take an hour to get to the freeway from Mill Valley in the morning commute. Afternoon traffic is already at a standstill going north onto the freeway.

And why?

So that Branson can have a larger school? And triple its present traffic disruption from Ross to Strawberry?

As Strawberry residents, we can only rely on the county Board of Supervisors to bring some sense to this ridiculous proposal.

We sincerely hope its members will do so.

— Willard Tunney, Mill Valley


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