Bad Things for Strawberry in the Housing Element Draft

If the County Supervisors make this change, Strawberry residents will have reduced power to influence developments in our neighborhood.

We Attended the 8/9 County Supervisors Meeting and Voiced Concerns

What’s the Alarming Language in the County’s Housing Element Draft?

The draft of the housing element sent to the state Housing and Community Development has been released. It’s 700 pages long. These two pages contain the following alarming language:

"While the community plans help to address the specific characteristics of the respective area, many community plans have policies that are a barrier to multifamily housing. Due to the need of this type of housing in the unincorporated County, the community plan policies should not override or supersede development policies set forth in the Countywide Plan (CWP). This Housing Element includes a program to amend the CWP to clarify that all development, including that located in community plan areas, must comply with density policies in the CWP. This amendment is anticipated to be completed concurrent with the Housing Element adoption."

P. 125-126:

Housing Element Plan for Unincorporated Marin

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