Community Alert: North Coast Land Holdings and Branson have filed their Seminary application

Friends and neighbors,

Today, we were notified by the County of Marin that North Coast Land Holdings and Branson have filed their application for the Seminary campus. There are a great deal of documents that we need to review, but from what we know, it is a massive and really offensive development proposal. The application includes a 1,000 student Branson High School (plus 200 employees) and more than 300 residential units throughout the campus. It also includes a request for a comprehensive athletic program.

The Seminary Neighborhood Association has been preparing for this moment for some time. Now that an application has been filed we will dig into the project details, communicating to each of you what we find. What we already know is that this proposal would dramatically alter Strawberry’s character and cripple the neighborhood with greater traffic.

This is the start of a long, sustained campaign to resist this highly intensive project and we need your active support. While change is inevitable at the Seminary site, a proposal of this scale is not only out of compliance with the Seminary’s campus master plan and the Strawberry Community Plan, it goes completely against the Strawberry Vision plan that was completed in partnership with Supervisor Kate Sears earlier this year. As a community, we have put time and significant effort into preserving our neighborhood and creating a vision for the future. This application does not respect our vision.

For the record, North Coast Land Holdings or Branson did not reach out to us before filing their application. In fact, they never even met with the general Strawberry community before finalizing their proposal.

Thank you for your continued support. We will regularly update you as we learn more about the proposal.

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